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Farmington Fresh LLC
7735 South HiWay 99
Stockton, CA 95215
Ph. 209.983.9700
Fx. 209.983.1825


Farmington Fresh's location at a major airport and in California's Central Valley, offers a unique opportunity to provide outstanding fresh produce to world markets.

Apples are really good for you.  Scientific evidence confirms that the  apple a day axiom is really true.

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Farmington Fresh is the country’s premier grower/packer/shipper located in California’s central valley. The group of growers that comprise Farmington Fresh have a combined 100 years of experience in growing and packing fresh produce. We are still the only produce shipper in the world to be located on the grounds of an airport facility.

Our famous Farmington Fresh, Hy-Flyer and Runway labels showcase our California apple line including Fuji, Cripps Pink, Royal Gala and Granny Smith. We have a high standard of quality control which assures a fresh and flavorful product.

We are located in the center of the California Cherry growing capital of the world which allows us quick access to the orchards providing packing and shipping the same day to destinations around the globe.

With the ORIGINAL Sliced Apple in a Bag Since 1997, our Fresh Cut product “Sweet Apple Bites” is the snack solution we believe to be “Perfect Naturally”. We have been able to increase the shelf life of Sweet Apple Bites up to 21 days assuring a fresh product to the market. With the increased emphasis on healthy diets, sweet apple bites is the product of choice providing taste and nutrition to the consumer.



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